Building, Remodeling and Repair Services

Additions to rooms - add to existing structures, build a deck, porch, sunroom, patio, garage, pool enclosure, greenhouse, etc.

Walls & Ceilings - Includes carpentry, framing, drywall, acoustic ceiling tiles, brick walls, ceiling fans, plaster, wallpaper, etc.

Walls - Includes installation and repair of brick, stone, glass block & concrete walls, retaining walls, soundproof walls, etc.

Outbuildings & Structures - Build garages, carports, decks, greenhouses, pole barns, pool enclosures, etc.

Outbuildings, Sheds & Gazebos - Build, install or repair sheds, barns, playhouses, gazebos, greenhouses, pole barns, porches, outdoor kitchens, water docks, etc.

Decks, Fences, & Ramps - Build or repair decks & porches, ramps, wood fences, etc.

Deck or Porch Build or Replace - Deck materials include wood, metal, vinyl, and other artificial wood, etc.

Patios, Walks, & Steps - Includes concrete, brick, stone and interlocking pavers

Framing - Install or repair carpentry framing, build a closet, fabricate or install steel beams

Foundations - Installation & repairs of foundations, foundation drainage, & waterproofing, etc


Major Remodels & Renovations - Remodel bathrooms, kitchens, basements, garages, outdoor kitchens, any major renovation, etc.

Minor Remodels - cabinets, painting, staining, wall, ceilings, carpentry, bathtub liners, sinks, countertops, electrical, flooring, windows, doors, etc.

Bathroom Remodeling & Design - Includes replacing surface, re-facing bathtub, install or replace bathtub liner

Shower Install or Replace - Includes shower pans, tile, fixtures and doors

Flooring - Install or repair - tile, ceramic, porcelain, carpet, natural stone, vinyl, wood, granite, marble, quartz, simulated wood, laminate, linoleum, etc.

Driveways & Floors - Includes brick, concrete, and gravel driveways & floors, etc.

Tile - Install or repair ceramic or porcelain tile and natural wood stone tile, stone slab counter top, grout maintenance, etc.
Concrete, Brick & Stone - Includes, driveways, patios, walks, steps, floors, foundations, chimneys, fireplaces, stoves, coating, siding, tile, countertops, walls, etc.

Carpet – Install - Includes wall-to-wall, anchored runners, & other forms of fixed carpets

Carpet Repair, Refasten, or Stretch - Correct problems with existing carpeting

Cabinets - Install, repair, reface, or refinish cabinets. Rebuild custom cabinets or built-in furniture. Install, reface or refinish - cabinets, closets, furniture, organizers, etc.

Countertops - Install or repair countertops - laminate, stone slab, bathtub or kitchen surface, solid surface (concrete, stainless steel), ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, etc.

Glass & Mirrors - Installation, repair or replacement of mirrors, glass blocks, shower doors, windows, etc.

Painting & Staining - Specialty painting, faux finishes - interior & exterior, painting & staining surfaces, etc

Windows & Doors - Installation and replacement of interior and exterior doors, shower doors, skylights, sliding doors, windows, etc.

Doors - Install or replace interior or exterior doors

Siding - Install brick, stone, vinyl, stucco siding, etc.

Siding, Gutters & Exterior Trim - Install, replace or repair exterior trim, wood gutters, wood or fiber-cement siding, etc.

Drywall – Install & Repair - Also called plasterboard, sheetrock, and gypsum

Plaster – Install - Traditional material applied over mesh and lath

Plaster – Repair - Patch or resurface traditional plaster surfaces

Blown-In Insulation - For attics & enclosed walls

Electrical - Additions, remodels, switches, outlets, fixtures, fans, upgrades, etc.

Plumbing - faucets, fixtures, pipes, septic tanks, water mains, drain cleaning, pumps, sprinkler systems, water heaters, etc.

Soundproofing Walls, etc. - To prevent sound from getting in or out

Waterproofing & Drywells - Includes installation and repair of drainage channels, & foundation drainage, waterproofing and drywell installation, etc.

Exterior Painting & Staining - Includes painting home exteriors, metal roofs, sealing decks & patios, etc.

Interior Painting & Staining - Interior painting or staining, specialty painting, faux finishes, textures

Wallpapering - Install, repair or remove wallpaper and wall coverings.

Specialty Finishes - Refinish cabinets, faux finishes, textures, resurface bathtubs or kitchen surfaces, metal objects, apply or remove popcorn ceiling textures, 3D murals, etc.

Finish Carpentry, Trim & Molding - Interior and exterior trim and decorative moldings

Roofing – Install, Repair or Replace - Install, repair or replace roofing - asphalt shingles, wood shake or composite, flat, foam, single ply, metal, natural slate roofing, etc.

Gutters - Install or repair gutters - Metal, PVC, copper, galvanized, wood, etc

Seamless Metal Gutters – Install & Repair - Includes “seamless” gutters and downspouts.

Siding - Install or replace siding - vinyl, wood or fiber-cement, metal, brick, stone, exterior trim, synthetic or traditional stucco, etc.

Skylights - Includes installation, repair, replacement & sealing, etc.


Recovery Services (Disasters) - Includes dry-rot, damage from water, pests, fire, smoke, storms or wind, major home repairs, recovery services, earthquake proofing, etc.

Property Clean-Up, Removal of Junk, Debris, or Building Materials - Dump truck service, remove waste or junk, demolition, etc.

Site Preparation - Clearing, demolition, etc.

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